Father’s Fireside Chats

The Father’s Blessing

As your Father, your Papa, your Daddy, your Abba I speak these words of blessing into your spirit.

I bless you as My chosen child. You are My child, called by My name, adopted into My Kingdom to inherit all of My blessings and promises. I have placed you into My royal family, into the Kingdom of Love, for eternity. You have been created for, and adopted into, intimate relationship with Me. This is your destiny, this is what you were created for.

I bless you with true biblical sonship and the abundant life of generational blessing that is laid up for you. I bless you, My precious daughter, My precious son, with My everlasting love. I understand everything about you and yet I still love you extravagantly. I love you so much that I adopted you just so I could love you as My child throughout eternity. I created you to have a relationship with Me, to be loved by Me and to love Me in return.

I bless you with My extravagant love. My love for you is higher and deeper and wider than any other love you have ever experienced in your entire life. I know you intimately and love you unconditionally. My love is always here for you, for I have promised never to leave you or forsake you. Nothing can separate you from My love. I have begun a good work in you, and I will faithfully complete it. As you walk with Me you will know the truth of My unfailing love for you and this truth will continue to set you free.

I bless you with life-changing encounters with My Father-heart.  I bless you with My best healing work in restoring your heart and soul according to My design for you before the foundations of the world.  You will know My Father heart and you will feel nurtured with a deep sense of belonging, inclusion, and worth.    

I bless you with realizing that the very essence of who you are was placed deep within your spirit and that you carry the DNA of your Heavenly Father. You are called and chosen, forgiven and cleansed, released and set free.

I bless you to know My Spirit speaking to you, beloved one, that you are a delight to Me. Know without a doubt that I am extending My favor toward you, assuring you of release into the full rights of your true identity and legitimacy.

I bless your life with fruitfulness—good fruit, much fruit and fruit that remains. I bless you with health and strength of body, soul and spirit. I bless you with overflowing prosperity, enabling you to be a blessing to others. I bless you with spiritual influence, for you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth.  

 I bless you with fully realizing the life-changing truth of the Spirit of Sonship in you, living in you to possess your birthright as My beloved son or daughter.  I bless you with a rich gold mine of identity and legitimacy from which to live out your birthright and destiny confidently and purposefully.

I bless you in your destiny as the Beloved Child of your Father and the Beloved Betrothed of Your Bridegroom. I release you with My love into your identity and your destiny.

© Bill & Linda Boone, Encounter His Love Ministries

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