Abandoned to Love

“Hang my locket around your neck,  wear my ring on your finger .Love is invincible facing danger and death.

Passion laughs at the terrors of hell. The fire of love stops at nothing— it sweeps everything before it. Flood waters can’t drown love, torrents of rain can’t put it out. Love can’t be bought, love can’t be sold— it’s not to be found in the marketplace. ..” Song of Solomon 8:6-7 (MSG)

In the Song of Solomon we find the  Bride to be,  telling her Beloved to put her love for him around his neck and on his finger.  She then goes on to describe the fervent abandonment to the love she feels for him,  and he for her. Adjectives like danger, death, fire, flood waters, and torrents of rain weave a mounting sense of incredible passion; as though the sheer magnitude of it would compel someone to even give their life for it.

Hundreds of years before the Father sent His  Son Jesus to be the propitiation (or mercy sacrifice ) for our sins,  He dropped into the heart of David’s son Solomon,  an  image of how He Himself felt towards His children,  and how they would one day feel towards Him.

Too often our doctrines have depicted God the Father as an aloof, distant being,  who only draws near to those who prove themselves worthy of His intimate embrace. Yet in his letter to the church in Rome, Paul declares that it was while we were still estranged from Him, that the Father was compelled by love to send Jesus, in order to reconcile us back to Himself.

You have a Father that is so abandoned to love, that He would not allow anything to come between He and you. Like the Bride, neither the dangers of death, nor the terrors of hell, can keep Him or His Son from your side.

So in the Father and Son’s passion for your embrace, They have placed  Their  love and mercy upon your neck. As an emblem of Their devotion, They have  placed a ring of royalty upon your finger,  and as the ultimate  proof of Their affection, They have braved the fires of hell and won for you an eternal victory of life.

There is no one who knows better the child within you. For your inner child is who you are, My child. And who you are is LOVED.

So let Me love you as My child, for that is who you are. My beloved child, My cherished child, My adored child, My child. Know that I, your Father, love you with an everlasting love. Know that I, your Father, love you with an undying love. You are My child, I am your Father.

Let Me love you, let Me cherish you, let Me adore you, My little one. You are the child of My heart. You are who I live for, you are who I died for. You, My child, just so you could be My child. Just so I could love you as the Father you have always needed, as the Father you have always dreamt of. That is who I am and that is who I desire to be in your life. Your perfect Father, perfect for you, just what you need.

So will you be My child? Will you let Me love you? Will you get to know your Father? Will you spend time with Me so I can love up on you? For I do love you so very much, My child. Unfathomable is My heart of Father love just for you. Let Me show you, be My child… I love you, My child….Papa *

* pg. 38, Excerpts taken from Intimate Life Lessons: How to Develop the Intimacy with God You Already Have, by Linda Boone, Kindle; Morris Publishing; Edition 1 (March 2011) available @MyWorld



1.     Find yourself      a  time and place where you can push      aside the distraction of life.  Now      quiet your thoughts, pushing the worries and cares of the day off to the      side.  Sometimes listening to soaking music      can help, at other times it might be helpful to imagine taking your hand      and sweeping them all aside or putting them into another room and closing      the door on them.

2.     As you listen to      the embedded video, try and imagine what it would feel like to be loved by      someone so fiercely,   that they      would abandon everything for the sake of love. As you do, feel Abba’s love      wrap you up in the warm of His for you.

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