Childlike Trust

Growing up into childlike trust of your Abba Father  is the result, or  fruit of becoming more absorbed with Him than we are with ourselves.  In his book “Ruthless Trust”, Brennan Manning  reminds us that;

“Self-absorption fades into self-forgetfulness, as we fix our gaze on the brightness of the Lord. In the words of Paul, “We are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and become more like him” (2 Corinthians 3:18, [MSG])(1)

In other words, as you experience deeper and deeper revelations of the love of your Abba Father, so will your childlike trust in His character and promises deepen as well.

Like a little child who has experienced the faithfulness and love of his or her daddy, your life is transformed from intimate glory, to imitate glory, in the process of learning to live life as a much loved child of God. As you spend time in His presence, learning to lean upon His faithfulness and goodness in difficult times,  know that His love is working in you to enlarge your capacity to rest, trust, and lean into Him.

Just as your heart expands during challenging times, so does your ability to walk and abide in Him in childlike trust. Each time He sees you through a difficult time, answers your prayers, and demonstrates Himself able and willing to keep and love you, regardless of your mistakes,  your thoughts are renewed and your trust in Him enlarges.

As a child experiences the faithfulness of their earthly father, so Abba wants you and I to experience His. When He fashioned and molded us, He designed us with His own ability and need for intimate interaction; experiences that build and enlarge our revelations of Him and each other. And it is through those experiential revelations that scripture becomes a life giving reality.

1). Pg. 93, Ruthless Trust, Brennan Manning; Harpor Collins, 2000


1.     Find yourself a  time and place where you can push aside the distraction of life.  Now quiet your thoughts, pushing the worries and cares of the day off to the side.  Sometimes listening to soaking music can help, at other times it might be helpful to imagine taking your hand and sweeping them all aside or putting them into another room and closing the door on them.

2.     As you rest in the Father’s love,  think about what being a child and trusting your father looks like. Maybe you had a difficult childhood and so trust wasn’t easy. Or maybe you had a wonderful childhood and never questioned your father’s love or faithfulness towards you. How does that childlike trust work now with Abba? Do you find it easy to trust Him, or does the idea bring back painful images of issue of when you were growing up?

3.      If your memories were pleasant, thank Abba for the chance to grow up into such a loving example of His love for you.  Yet if they aren’t as pleasant, give thanks,  that despite the brokenness and humanity of people, He has pursued you in order to bring you into an experience of His loving kindness that not even the best father or mother could have ever given you.

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