Innocence Restored

“You have been adopted as a child of God. That is who you are. It doesn’t matter how mature or grown up you are in God, or whether you are 5 or 50 years old. You are His child and you will always be His child. So let the child within you believe in your Daddy. Let the child within you experience God.”*

The most powerful work of Jesus death, burial and resurrection was, first that the Father reconciled you back to Himself in perfect righteousness. The second, that He made you a brand new creation; new heart,  new spirit. (Ezekiel 11:19 NKJV) The old, cold, stony heart of your pre-cross existence was done away with and a new fresh one was put in its place.

Just as a child who has never known fear, or abandonment, or mistreatment, is free to enjoy and revel in the presence of their papa, so the Father has restored to you the joy of unbridled love and affection in Him.

Now you may think, Well that’s all good, but what about the thoughts I get that aren’t Christ-like, or the reactions I have to others?

Yes, you may still experience manifestations of the old you, but the reality is, the only you the Father sees, is the one He has made new through the blood of His Son Jesus.

Just as Adam, the first man,  alienated all of mankind from the Father through disobedience, so the last man Jesus, has completely reconciled all of mankind back to the Father through obedience.

The innocence lost has been restored; not because of your good behavior, Christ-like mannerisms, or superior efforts.  It has been restored simply because God so loved the world, He sent His only Son to pay the penalty of disobedience – death. And through that death, has given you back the life He always intended for you to have: that of a much-loved child.

* pg. 31; Excerpt taken from Intimate Life Lessons: How to Develop the Intimacy with God You Already Have, by Linda Boone: Kindle; Morris Publishing; Edition 1 (March 2011) available @MyWorld


  1. Find yourself a  time and place where you can push aside the distractions of life.  Now quiet your thoughts, pushing the worries and cares of the day off to the side.  Sometimes listening to soaking music can help, at other times it might be helpful to imagine taking your hand and sweeping them all aside or putting them into another room and closing the door on them.
  1. Now that you know that your heart is not stony and that you’re new one is fully capable of enjoying the presence of Abba Father, ask Holy Spirit to show you what living like a much-loved child looks like for you.
  1. Write down the things you see, hear or feel. Now, take that tiny step of faith and take a few of the for a test drive; see how it feels to dance, or spin, or maybe just shout out loud. Be encouraged, living like a much-loved child of Abba takes practice…so go ahead and practice.
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