Great Expectations

Do you have days, or even weeks when you struggle to feel the Father’s presence? Maybe you’ve been walking through a challenging season of your life and when you reach out to feel His touch it seems as though all that’s there is an empty tomb?

In the journey of life we all have times when it feels like God has withdrawn His presence from us. One day He may be as close as the air we breathe, and then next, we wake up unable to sense or feel His touch.  And without a word or a postcard to say where He’s gone, we feel abandoned and alone.

“You may have walked with God for a long time. If so, you may have more faith in not experiencing God and His Presence than in experiencing Him and His Presence. Based on your past it may be easier to believe He will not show up than to believe He will.

There must come a time in your walk of intimacy that you believe Father God will show up, that you can experience Him, that you can have intimacy with Him as your Father. That time is now.”  pg.30 *

When Jesus was getting ready to go to the Cross, He too experienced a time when He felt abandoned by the Father. In Luke 22:39-45 , scripture records Jesus as being in such great agony and fear, that He actually sweats drops of blood. Yet in the very midst of such great sorrow and despair, Abba sent angels to comfort and minister to Him. And as a result,  He was able to comfort the disciples and face His destiny.

If you are going through a time when it feels as though the Father’s presence is removed, or it seems as though everyone but you is being touched, know that there are seasons when our Abba will bring us into desert places; not to abandon us, but so that Holy Spirit can teach us how to reach our roots even deeper into the endless waters of the River of His love.

In the deserts there is a hot, dry, wind called a Khamsin,  that can blow for as long as fifty five days. When this wind begins to blow, those who make their home within its path, know  how important it is to find water, and to remain within in their tents until it has passed.

Just like the Bedouin’s who have learned to survive for thousands of years by living near artesian pools of water and abiding within the safety of their tents, so you and I need to learn to trust again in the Father’s love, press into His presence, and drink deep from His love.

*Excerpts taken from Intimate Life Lessons: How to Develop the Intimacy with God You Already Have, by Linda Boone,  Kindle; Morris Publishing; Edition 1  (March 2011) available @MyWorld


  1. Find yourself a  time and place where you can push aside the distraction of life.  Now quiet your thoughts, pushing the worries and cares of the day off to the side.  Sometimes listening to soaking music can help, at other times it might be helpful to imagine taking your hand and sweeping them all aside or putting them into another room and closing the door on them.
  2. Once you start to relax, spend a few minutes thanking Abba, that because His word says that He will never leave you, that no matter what you feel or sense, He will not abandon you.
  3. When you done, close your eyes and imagine that you’re a tree planted next to an oasis, a pool of clear cool water. Now see your roots going down deep until you feel them tap into the underground river where the pool gets all its water from. See that water as the Father’s love, hidden deep within you so that nothing can ever separate you from it.
  4. You may want to write down any words or impressions you get so that you can go back later and meditate on them.
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